Our goal is to promote healthy, holy families, and the foundation of a holy family is prayer.  family-WMFWould you like to help us in this mission?  The first resources that our ministry has produced is the 33 Day Family Consecration.  This program helps families to learn to pray together through 33 days of preparation for total consecration to Jesus through Mary.

A great way to promote family holiness is through organizing a parish 33 day family consecration.  We have two parishes who have already put this program into place.  If you don’t know how to begin or aren’t sure if you can pull this off on your own, please contact us for assistance and feel free to use the resources below:

  1. Begin with prayer for the success of this program
  2. Contact other families in your community or parish to walk with you on this journey, it helps to have at least one other family who will be doing this consecration with your family.  It may also be helpful to meet with your pastor and share this program with him, you don’t need to ask him to do anything, but his blessing would be a tremendous benefit to your efforts.
  3. Pick a date to start your consecration – see the calendar of Marian feast days here.
  4. Contact us (713-701-7007 or allen@yourholyfamily.org) to work obtain printed copies of the resources for your participants, the online version is great, but many people like to have a hardcopy for the family prayer time and the printed coloring books are a great keepsake for your children, my 12 year old daughter loves her almost completely coloring book.  You can take preorders and we can ship the materials out in bulk to save on shipping costs.  We only ask or a suggested donation for all our materials, we would like to cover our costs for printing and shipping and any additional money collected goes toward furthering our mission of helping families to achieve the mission of the family to guard, reveal and communicate love.
  5. Promote this event in your parish using our flyer.  You can also create your own flyer using this template.  Or contact us and we will create a customized flyer for your parish.
  6. Pray for this programs success!