Family Retreats

A weekend event to retreat from the world and its pressures, renew and reclaim your family.  We Pray, Play and Rest together as a family and build community with other families.  We have found that most family retreats are designed for the whole family, meaning, there are talks and activities for each member of the family to experience spiritual renewal.  Our approach differs in that we have developed a program to minister to the family unit.  While this approach can be challenging, we feel it is the most rewarding.  Society often tears the family apart on a daily basis, we as parents have to work to put them back together, this retreat offers that opportunity through inspirational talks, family projects/activities, family play and community building entertainment.

“Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.” MK 6:31

If you would like to offer a family retreat for your parish or school, please contact us for more information.  We offer assistance with planning from start to finish, as well as facilitating the retreat weekend.  Give us a call and let us discuss how we can help you put on an unforgettable weekend experience for the families in your community.  We have run very successful retreats for families ranging in size from 125 up to over 300 attendees (about 18 to 45 families).

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What We Offer

We offer a range of options for helping your community to conduct a retreat for families.  The main benefit we bring to your community is experience, we have run successful retreats and know the critical success factors that will help your retreat for families be an unforgettable community building event.  The first step once you choose to undertake this project is to hold an initial meeting with members of your community who are interested in working to put on this retreat.  In this initial meeting, we will share the vision of a retreat for families.  In many cases, the volunteers may only be familiar with a retreat for individuals, or perhaps they have been on a retreat for married couples, but a retreat for families is unlike these other types of retreats and the success factors are very different..

Secondly, we will provide a detailed list of tasks that should be accomplished prior to promoting the event, then example marketing materials for promoting the event, we also offer web site development services to build a retreat website.  Lastly, we are also available to be present during the retreat giving talks, ensuring that the retreat runs smoothly by coordinating volunteers and being the Master of Ceremonies to keep the retreat on schedule.  We will work with your leadership to figure out what can be done in house and what we can help with.  Our purpose in offering this service is to help families grow together and achieve St. John Paul II’s mission of the family to guard, reveal and community love.  We are committed to spreading this good news to anyone who wishes to listen and a retreat for families is a powerful way to do this.

Offering a retreat for families may seem like a daunting task, but we have found the rewards far outweigh the work and have found that those who coordinate it and put it on get far more out of the retreat than those who only attend.

Other Resources

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  1. Kristina  August 29, 2014

    What is the youngest age the children be for family retreat?

    • Allen Hebert  August 29, 2014

      Our Family Retreats are open to families with children of all ages. We welcome families with newborns up to and including adult children. The primary goal of our retreats for families is to minister to the whole family unit. To help families to grow closer to the Lord, closer to each other and develop relationships with other families.

  2. Jack Titchener  July 11, 2017

    Great points on the need for retreats these days. Our work just announced we’re having a retreat in the mountains at the end of this month. I’m pretty excited! I loved the article and appreciate you taking time to address how to have a more wholesome life.

  3. Miguelle  May 30, 2018

    Is the family retreat available for kids and mother that are going through divorce?

    • Allen Hebert  June 4, 2018

      Yes, families come in all shapes and sizes.



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