Your Holy Family Workshops

A one day event designed for parents to learn practical tools to enhance family life and build up the Domestic Church.  The workshops go in-depth into topics that will help parents navigate the sometimes rough waters of family life.

The family is under attack in today’s world.  There are many dangers that are threatening the family, but only a few are identifiable sources.  The main source of trouble for the family is being too busy and the many forces that vie for the various members of the family’s time.  Normal family life now consists of transporting children to various activities outside the home, homework, school activities, work, household chores.  Many times family devolves into a home shared by individuals who happen to be related to each other.  The family should be much more than this, it was designed to be a refuge from the world, a source of joy and a sign of true love.  As St. John Paul II said in Familiaris Consortio, the mission of the family is to Guard, Reveal and Communicate love.  Our families have the potential to be a light in the darkness and a means to raise saints to sanctify the world.  Our task is of the utmost importance for the future of the world and the Church passes through the family.  

Topics such as these will be covered:

  • Setting Family Priorities
  • Family retreatImplementing Family prayer in your home
  • Respect within the family
  • Keeping your kids Catholic
  • How to get perfect behavior in Mass
  • Dating which preserves your child’s purity
  • Maintaining good channels of communication with your children even through the adolescent years
  • Family Vacations
  • The three most important words for a family to use
  • And a Question and Answer session for any topics of interest that were not covered

“The family has the mission to become more and more… a community of life and love…”
(Familiaris Consortio)

To schedule a workshop in your parish, please contact us .

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