Welcome to Your Holy Family’s 33 Day Family Consecration.  This guide is designed to help you lead your family through one of the most powerful spiritual exercises your family can undertake.

This consecration is personal. We made it to help all individuals within a family consecrate themselves to Jesus through Mary.  The goal of this guide is to enable parents to help their children consecrate themselves to Jesus through Mary.  I can personally attest that this is a very powerful thing to do for your family.  We are constantly teaching our children the beauty of our faith.  A family consecration is a great way to help your children to better understand the role of Our Lady in God’s Plan for their lives.

The 33 Day Family Consecration Program is comprised of two resources, Your Holy Family’s 33 Day Family Consecration and Coloring Book. For more information on the Program, please visit 33day.org.  This page is the opening page for the online version of the 33 Day Family Consecration as well as the coloring pages.

This resource is not intended for use by your children to prepare themselves for Consecration.  Rather it is a resource for parents to lead their entire family through this spiritual exercise.


Click below to access the series of reflections for families.

Marian Feast Days make great days to end your preparation for consecration on.  Begin your preparation 33 days prior to the Marian Feast Day. See the Consecration Calendar for suggested dates.

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