A Holy Half Hour

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Our Lord placed upon my heart to give Him a Holy Hour consisting of married couples praying together for one half hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  So for the past nine months, my husband and I have been joining another couple to pray for families of our parish as well as families that would be reached by this family ministry.  So we invite any of you to join us in that mission by giving our Lord a Holy Half Hour praying specifically for families.

Our world is suffering from the many attacks on the family and Allen and I are committed to giving weekly prayer time in front of Our Lord for the strength and protection that we all need to continue to be a Light in Our World.

If you would like to publicly support us in this effort enter a comment below and commit to praying every week for families and specifically this ministry to families.


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Denae has been married to Allen for over 24 years and is mother to nine children. She is a middle school teacher by trade, but she chose to homeschool her children for the past 15 years. She has a Masters degree in Education Administration and was Vice President of the board for Holy Family Catholic School in Austin, TX.


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