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Dice You will need:  6 dice, paper and pencil

How to play:  Each player must score 500 points in one turn to ‘get on the board’. If a player ‘farkles’ before reaching 500 their turn is over and they pass the dice to the next player. Once a player has gotten on the board they can quit at any time during their turn, regardless of how many points they score during that turn. Play to10,000. Once someone scores 10,000 (or more) the remaining players have one last turn. If someone beats the original player who reached 10,000, they can be declared the winner, or if you want to continue playing, let each player have one more turn, each time anyone beats the high scorer.

How to score:  Players begin by rolling all 6 dice. In order not to ‘farkle’, each roll in a turn must come up with something that ‘counts’. Scoring dice are set aside and contribute their score for that turn. If a player decides to continue rolling during their turn they use the remaining dice. If at any time ‘all’ the dice produce points the player has the option to begin again with all six dice. This still counts as one turn and should they ‘farkle’ (roll and come up with nothing that scores) they will lose any points accumulated turning that turn. Once points are recorded they cannot be lost.

What counts:

Ones 100 Any 6 of a kind 3000
Fives 50 3 pairs 1500
Any 3 of a kind-value of dice thrown x 100 2 triples 2500
Any 4 of a kind 1000 Straight (1-6) 1500
Any 5 of a kind 2000 4 of a kind with a pair 1500

Click Here to Download a Farkle Score Pad


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