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The following documents and resources are excellent reading materials to assist you in your task of raising children with the virtue of purity.


Books and Articles:

Web Resources:

  • Chastity Project
  • Courtship Now! – This is not your typical Courtship website.  We highly recommend the book – Surrender
    • Surrender will keep you captivated as it takes you into Brandon and Joanie Vaughn’s new life together and as you follow the unpredictable paths of Maggie and Amie Collins to know God’s will … in a whole new story of discernment and responding to God’s call.
    • The Book Arms of Love, is currently out of print, but it is a great read if you can find it.  I keep hoping that Carmen Marcoux will release it in electronic format.  It costs a lot of money to print a book, and they have sold out of the stock they had and don’t have the money to print more at this time.  If you have read this book, you know how good it is, and if you are feeling called to help them to publish it again, visit their website and make a donation.

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