September 2013

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Our Topic this week:

Honor Thy Father and Mother

The fourth commandment is one that all of us are familiar with, but there is more. Fr. Nathan will draw upon the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas to take us deeper into the meaning of this commandment. He will also provide practical advice on how we and our families can live out this commandment within our families and in our community.

If you are able, please bring a photo of your parents to be used as part of the family activity following Fr. Nathan’s talk.

This event will be a pot-luck with the attendees bringing a main dish and a side dish or dessert to share. If you haven’t heard Fr. Nathan speak, you are in for a treat, he is a dynamic passionate priest with a love for the people of God and a passion for helping families in their quest for holiness. At the Ranch, there is lots of space for the kids (and the adults) to run around and play football, soccer or kickball. So I encourage you to attend Saturday evening mass or early mass on Sunday and then come to Buda for what promises to be a great day of fun, faith and fellowship.

The event is located in the Ruby Ranch Subdivision just off FM 967. Follow Ruby Ranch Road to East Bartlett Street (left onto East Bartlett). Enter at the Cross Patio. Normal traffic travel time is 35 minutes from mid-Austin.



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