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Pay Attention!

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Raising a Holy Family

The importance of being engaged in family life is key to raising a holy family.  Our goal as parents should be to raise saints, also known as holy people, that will one day make it to heaven.  On a more practical/secular level, we want to raise children that make good moral decisions, make good grades, and lead successful lives.  Like it or not, we as parents are the people who have the most influence over our children.  No one can take ...
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Let the Children come, Overcoming Challenges at Church

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Pope Francis recently said that “Children’s tears are the best sermon” and he encouraged parents to bring their children to mass even though they may cause a disruption from time to time.  I agree with the Pope completely, too often parents stop bringing their children or stop coming to Church all together due to ugly comments or dirty looks by fellow parishioners.  While I do think that it is ok for children to have an occasional outburst during ...

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